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Bob Kingsley
Bob Kingsley

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Bob Kingsley

Known as a consummate radio broadcaster, Bob Kingsley puts years of experience and immeasurable talent to work as the host of his entertaining and very successful weekly and daily programs,  

The road to success for Bob Kingsley began when, stationed in Keflavic, Iceland with the US Air Force, he auditioned for an announcer spot on Armed Forces Radio Station TFK. Following his Air Force stint, Kingsley honed his skills at several radio stations in such places as Tijuana, Nevada and finally moving to California. Tom Rounds at Watermark selected Kingsley to produce the up and coming radio program, American Country Countdown. While continuing as producer, he stepped in as the show's host and the rest is history. While Bob has shaped and defined the program over the years, he's quick to share the credit with his very able staff. "It's not just me," he says. "I'm very blessed to have several very talented people around me." The results are evident each and every week as new and exciting shows are broadcast with all the winning elements; an industry leading host, a team of experts behind the scenes, a seamless countdown of the National Country Top 40, enlightening information about everyone's favorite country music stars, exclusive interviews with the artists themselves and historical salutes to country music's heritage..

On the air internationally, for four hours a week, 52 weeks a year, no other air personality has exclusively promoted country music longer or with more pride than Bob Kingsley. Reaching millions of listeners on over 1,000 radio stations, Bob Kingsley has hosted the number one national music show in any format. Bob Kingsley has been named host of Billboard magazine's "Network/Syndicated Program of the Year: Country" for 16 consecutive years (1987-2002); the only air personality in any format to achieve this continued success. In October of 2001, Bob Kingsley was named as the first ever Country Music Association National Broadcast Personality of the Year. And, in 2003, he received the honor a second time.

Bob also hosts unique and interesting specials, including the extremely popular "Christmas In America with Bob Kingsley" and "Year-End Countdown."

"I try to leave people with a real picture of the stars who make the music," Kingsley says. "Whether it's a chart newcomer, a current superstar, or one of the all time greats, when listeners hear a record, I want them to think, 'that's the singer Bob Kingsley told us about'. It's certainly a great journey, and the best part is that it's never stopped being fun!"

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